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Argentinian girls qualify for Rio 2016!

Argentinian girls will play at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016! Brazil and Argentina will play for the gold at the Pan American Games in Toronto. The world champions from Serbia 2013, Brazil beat Uruguay 40:22, while Argentina outplayed Mexico 27:16. The place in the final match was enough for Argentina to get place at the Olympic tournament, as Brazilian girls will be there as host nation and world champions.

Only a few days earlier, Argentina were at the edge of failure after defeat against Cuba 27:25. However, Uruguay made fantastic effort and helped Argentinias by beating Cuba 23:18, which put Argentina on the first place in the group and helped them to avoid Brazil in the semis.

Argentinian girls will have to thankful to their Uruguayan colleagues until the end of their proffesional careers as dream came true. Rio, Argentina are coming.


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