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ASOBAL: More chaos, clubs think of boycotting away games at BM Cangas and Palma del Rio

The two clubs that were expressly promoted to the ASOBAL league this season after the financial trouble at few other ASOBAL clubs that lead to their withdrawal, have not yet paid their debts to the ASOBAL for participating in Spain’s most elite handball league. The approximate sum that is needed is around 50,000 EUR fee. This has led other clubs in the ASOBAL league, including Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to study the option of boycotting and not playing away games at BM Cangas and Palmanaranja in order to prevent the clubs from collecting money from the home games. This would also mean that the teams are to collect the home points, and would be mathetically (if such decision is made) saved from relegation, something Palma del Rio is definitely trying to avoid this season.


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