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ASOBAL (Round 14): Atletico Madrid with an important one-goal win in Leon

The derby of this 14th round of ASOBAL was definitely the one in Leon, between Ademar and Atletico Madrid. Considering Atletico Madrid’s recent slump in results and form many thought that this might be a perfect chance for Ademar Leon to finally win a big game in ASOBAL. In several occasions they had a nice two-goal lead in the game, however Atletico Madrid also did fight well and also took few goals advantage in many occasions, only to be annulled in the by the other team. The breaking of the score came in the final minutes of the game, when Atletico Madrid made a two-goal lead 29:27, and Ademar Leon could only make it 28:29 with 15 seconds to go. Atletico Madrid was experienced enough to keep the ball until the end of the game combined with Dushebayev timeout with 10 seconds to go. Important two points for Atletico in what will definitely be a very hard season in their fight to win the championship against terrific Barcelona team this season.

Barcelona had a relatively job, an easy game at home against La Rioja, winning 34:20.

ASOBAL Round 14 scores: Cuenca 27:33 Posada, Valladolid 31:25 BM Cangas, Villa de Aranda 28:26 Puerto Sagunto, Aragon 34:31 Guadalajara, Granollers 26:26 Anaitasuna, BM Huesca 28:28 Palmanaranja

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