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Barcelona wins 19th title in Spain!

Barcelona is the new champion of the ASOBAL league, now officially. Even though many have considered them champions already after losing at home to Atletico by only one goal, they still needed to win the remainder of their games, and they did so. In their last game, they beat Torrevieja with 38:28 and have been crowned champions. Atletico played only a draw 25-25 at home against Ademar, but even a victory would not have changed much.

This makes Barcelona a champion with 29 victories and 1 defeat. The only defeat was against Atletico with 29-30, but the away victory in Madrid with 25-23 meant that they will be champions in case both teams end with same amount of points.

Antequera and Puerto Sagunto have been relegated.

1FC Barcelona Intersport58
2BM. Atlético57
3Reale Ademar León44
4Cuatro Rayas BM Valladolid43
5Caja3 BM32
6Ciudad Encantada31
7Naturhouse La Rioja29
8Fraikin BM Granollers26
10AMAYA Sport San Antonio24
12Helvetia Anaitasuna22
13Academia Octavio20
14Quabit BM Guadalajara18
15Maygar BM. Antequera17
16Alser Puerto Sagunto11
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1 Comment

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    3. June 2012. at 10:51

    Not play offs?

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