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Bertus Servaas about PGE Kielce crisis: If Kielce needs us, if not, we will declare bankruptcy

The Polish PGE Vive Kielce president Bertus Servaas finally admitted financial troubles in which are the club with clear conclusion that “team can declare bankruptcy if city of Kielce doesn’t help”. Servaas gave an interview for

Servaas also proposes to buy part of the company’s club shares in the city. Councilors announce that they will deal with the matter perhaps at the next session, but they are mostly surprised by the amount of money PGE VIVE is asking for. The club is in debt and threatens bankruptcy.

– We are at the wall. The club is in debt – Servaas admits. – I would like to know if the PGE VIVE club playing at such a level as now, in the European lead, is needed by Kielce or not. This is the key question for me. If not, we announce the bankruptcy of the company, many players will leave, we withdraw from the Champions League and PGNiG Superliga and start from scratch, that is from the second league. If you need it, I would like to sit down and talk about the idea of the city’s promotional use of the club’s image and our achievements from recent years. Also about the amount of urban subsidies in the following years, because the problem will probably be coming back, and support at the current level is in my opinion insufficient. In the letter I sent to the councilors, I wrote that for 16 years of my presidency, the city’s share in the club’s budget was 11 percent. In my opinion, this is not much. Our advertising potential, calculated by a specialist agency, is only PLN 42 million in Poland. I think it’s worth using this brand better, “says Servaas.

  • I have no offer from PSG for Cindric – Servaas denied. – It would be difficult to sell next players, because when we have debts, they could leave us for free – he adds. – We have been under great pressure for two years, we are looking for money wherever it is possible. If we get out of debts now, then the budget for the 2018/2019 season is guaranteed, although only in December I will know if there is enough money and if I will not have to sell players. If we are now on our feet, I am sure we will maintain the sports level of the previous seasons for the next two years, “says Servaas. – I do not want to put anyone against the wall, I understand that I need money for kindergartens and holes in the roadways. I feel responsible for this situation, but I do not feel guilty. I do everything from the heart and not for my interest, but for Kielce and the fans. For 16 years, when I was the president of the club, my company (VIVE Textile Recycling – red) has spent a huge amount on handball. Recently, I can not give as much as before, because the company is undergoing a reorganization, and I am the largest employer in the city, I am responsible for the existence of 1,800 people – ends Bertus Servaas.


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  3. Winglight

    6. July 2018. at 14:31

    Dear Handball-planet,
    I recommend you to visit the website of Kielce. There is a Statement of Bertus Servaas you really should read. Echodnia never interviewed Servaas in this case.
    By the way Echodnia claims to know the outcome of the vote from Kielces’s town, which isn’t terminated yet.

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