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Brothers’ handball story – 11 from 24 teams with the “same blood” in Qatar

Sounds unbeliavable that 11 from 24 national teams at 24th Men’s World Handball Championship in Qatar have the “some blood” in the roster. Brothers are one of the most popular topics in handball community in the last few days. Of course, Pablo, Diego and Sebastian Simonet (Argentina) became a hit of the start after thrilling match against Denmark, but also many of them are playing really good and making a lot of joy to their fans.

An example of how life’s paths can be unpredictable is linked with the names of Igor (Croatia) and Ivan (BIH) Karacic. Born in Mostar (BIH) under the same roof, brothers will face each other in preliminary round Group B, when their teams clash on Friday 23 January. Those will quite likely be the toughest 60 minutes their parents will ever watch.

Here is the list of all the brothers at Qatar 2015.

Pablo, Diego and Sebastian Simonet
Pablo and Adrian Portela
Juan Pablo and Federico Fernandez

Al Salem Mohammad, Mojtaba and Mahdi

Nikola and Luka Karabatic

Rene and Henrik Toft Hansen

Allahkaram and Sajjad Esteki

Maximillian and Alexander Hermann


Rene and Henrik Toft Hansen

Nikola and Luka Karabatic

Kiril and Filip Lazarov
Zlatko and Naumče Mojsovski

Senjamin and Benjamin Buric

Luka and Miha Žvižej

Michal and Bartosz Jurecki

Siarhei and Dzainis Rutenka



  1. Anonymous

    18. January 2015. at 15:33

    12-Chile: rodrigo and esteban salinas

  2. chris

    18. January 2015. at 11:26

    you forgot Nikola and Velko Markovski from Macedonia.

  3. Anonymous

    18. January 2015. at 10:48

    You forgot, there is another brother tandem in Macedonian team – Nikola and Velko Markoski

  4. dimitar

    18. January 2015. at 10:22

    Velko and Nikola Markoski also in Macedonia you forgot them :))

  5. Anonymous

    18. January 2015. at 10:09

    Alex and Max hermann !!

  6. Anonymous

    18. January 2015. at 09:41

    Macedonija Velko end Nikola Markovski

  7. daki

    18. January 2015. at 09:39

    Macedonia +
    Velko i Nikola Markovski

  8. Sk

    18. January 2015. at 09:33

    In Macedonia also Nikola and Velko Markoski are brothers.

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