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City of Kielce has no money to support PGE Vive Kielce

The PGE Vive Kielce president Bertus Servaas tried to calm down situation after media wrote about “bankruptcy” of the Polish champions, but his “pressure” on local authorities didn’t give a result. The City of Kielce has no 4.5m (about 1m EUR) to help the team to get out of the debt.

In 2016, the president of Servaas for the first time applied for support of two million, saying that this is an exceptional situation. In 2017, this was the second time and the existence of the club was dependent on these 2 million. I prepared this resolution with the evident protest of accounting services. We have now saved 2.5 million for VIVE. In February, the club’s authorities asked us to withdraw them immediately. Then everything was supposed to be good. We have now received an application for 4.5 million – comments President Wojciech Lubawski.

  • The city does not have such money. I met the president several times and told him clearly that if he counts on anything, it is only after the half-year settlement and we can speak a maximum of a few hundred thousand. He was aware of that, and yet he said that if we want a club in Kielce, we must give 4.5 million zlotys. I do not dare to take such an amount to other entities.
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