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Cristina Neagu is most paid in women’s handball?

One of the biggest stars in women’s handball of the last decade, Romanian princess Cristina Neagu is the best paid in women’s handball according Romanian media.

CSM Bucharest playmaker has 26.000 per month (gross) – between 20.000 and 22.000 EUR net.

With an estimated yearly revenue of EUR 265,000, Cristina Neagu is the second-best paid athlete in Romania. Only a football player from CFR Cluj, Ibrahima Balde, makes more money than she does, namely some EUR 300,000 per year. Meanwhile, FCSB’s stars Constantin Budescu, Denis Alibec and Filipe Teixeira make some EUR 240,000 per year.

Neagu is also the best-paid women’s handball player in the world, surpassing Norwegian Nora Mork, who makes EUR 240,000 at Gyor in Hungary. In TOP 5 are also Alexandra Lacabrere, Andrea Lekic and Katarina Bulatovic.



  1. michael

    26. February 2019. at 13:04

    17500 net Neagu, official info.
    (just discussed in the local comity, who are paying her salary)

    your sources are wrong – google news about Neagu salary and that will confirm what i say (seach news from 25 to 25 february 2019)

  2. Nmo

    1. June 2018. at 21:24

    Gyor has been wrong with Nora. She does not deserve that amount of money. It is obvious that the team does not need her and paying that amount to her is an insult to some of their colleagues.Personally I won’t renew her.

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