GER/DEN 2019

Croatian Handball Federation video with “10 crucial moments” goes viral

The Croatian Handball Federation published video with “10 crucial moments in match against Germany”. Croatian handball community and part of global put heavy critics on Danish referees Gjeding-Hansen and IHF after the match at Lanxess Arena which ended 21:22.

Germany qualified for the semi-final, while Croatia will have to fight for the place in Olympic qualifications.

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  1. chucky

    23. January 2019. at 23:03

    @SvAn im agree with you at all, and i think if the croatian federation want to make a video reclamation at less they should know to count steps Xd ridiculous reclamation.

  2. Tjsoep

    23. January 2019. at 12:59

    Not every fase is correctly interpreted by the makers. For example the one in the end where only 3 steps are counted. Note that after these 3 steps the player jumps and lands with his feet separately (makes 5 in total). His previous run before the dribble were 4 steps. This isolated fase is correctly interpreted.

  3. SvAn

    23. January 2019. at 11:29

    Sorry Croatia but NO.
    1. Steps – YES
    2. Block 6 m – NO. (ridiculous)
    3. Possibly. NOT SURE. Could be that Duvnjak couldn’t catch the ball?
    4. Böhm throws the ball on the goal.
    5. Duvnjak doesn’t.
    6. Block 6 m – YES. Should be 7 m but no penalty. What for?
    7. Böhm attackes Karacic but he gets to pass the ball (to the defense).
    8. Attacking foul? NO. Duvnjak runs into the Pekeler without looking. Very clever blockade.
    9. Steps – YES. Right after receiving the ball. Slowmo is perfect for counting. Anyway thereafter Karacic steps into the 6m before throwing.
    10. Difficult but I would say NO because Kohlbacher stands a little before
    Karacic hits him. Should have been checked on the Video.

    And now please show all the faults of the croatian team which were not
    suited by the referees.

  4. Kikone

    23. January 2019. at 09:00

    I am Italian, per se not a handball nation (we love football and handball is an illogical sport). Still I started following handball when I lived in Croatia and found it moderately entertaining. Still I wonder, who can get excited with a sport where goalkeepers count for 70 percent of the final result and referees are entrusted 90 percent subjectivity in their choices?

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