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GER/DEN 2019

Gjeding about Karacic’s foul: It was my mistake!

One of the Danish referees, Martin Gjeding, admitted that he made mistake in the crucial moment of German-Croatian clash in Cologne on Monday, which caused a lot of negative reaction all around handball world.

– One of the criteria for assaulting an assault is that the defender is standing still and the attacker is rushing against him. That was not the case. I shouldn’t watch it many times on video tonight until I realized it wasn’t the right decision. Judging the attack error was a misjudgment. We have not slept well this night and may not come to it tomorrow, but we have to come over, he says. – said Gjeding for TV2.dk.

  • – It is of course not pleasant when you know how much all the countries are going to get in the semi-finals or get better qualification opportunities for the Olympics. Referees must live with the pressure and stand by it, because if we cannot do it, we should not be here where we are now. 

His colleague Mads Hansen added:

– We’re pretty good. Of course, anyone who has professional work is affected when things are less appropriate. It affects our personal pride and the professionalism we put into the day, but at the same time we know that this is the premise of our job – concludes Hansen. 



  1. Ken

    24. January 2019. at 07:27

    How come you never make any big mistakes against Germany in crucial games ?

  2. dix

    23. January 2019. at 12:07

    Sure, really “honorable statement”.
    We made mistake and you cant do anything about it.
    Those two clowns did same thing on WC 2009 in Croatia in final game.

  3. Mikk Pinnonen

    22. January 2019. at 22:58

    Very honourable statement. Respect!

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