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Cervar about Gjeding-Hansen: This was robbery! IHF must to expel them from their list!

The Croatian coach Lino Cervar was mad on the Danish referees Gjeding and Hansen after the defeat of his team against Germany 21:22 at Lanxess Arena in Cologne, which put out Croatia from the semi-final race…

  • We played good, but referees didn’t let us to win. I have to say that loud and clear. This was a huge robbery which the whole handball world could see. They and Danes took from us golden medals in 2008, 2009 and 2010. We deserved to win. I can’t understand that amateur referees make decisions about our destinies. That is unbelievable. You can’t take win from pur hands in such a rough manner. We played bad against Brazil, but we outplayed Germans. Disgrace. We, people of Croatia has to fight for respect and to do everything to don’t let someone steal f from publicly. These referees have to be expelled from IHF refereeing organization – said Cervar for domestic RTL. 

Germany beat Croatia after problematic decision of Gjeding-Hansen”



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