Danish dynamite too strong for Croatia – Denmark VS Spain for the GOLD!

Denmark is the second finalist at the World Championship 2013 in Spain. Danish team was fantastic in 60 minutes of the semi-final against Croatia 30:24 (14:11). From the first minute, Wilbek’s defense was huge problem for Duvnjak and complete back line of the Croatia team, obviosly exsausted after fantastic win over France two days ago. After Danish 6:1 in 10th minute, Croatian NT coach, Slavko Goluza took time-out, but that was just enough to stop rise of Danish advantage. Hansen and Co. was in lead whole 60 minutes. Key player was Niklas Landin with 16 saves, while goal machine, Anders Eggert had another great performance with 9 goals.


In the final will play Spain against Denmark on Sunday. Spain won against Slovenia later today…



  1. majstor

    28. January 2013. at 00:00

    so… mr.hahahahahah…
    where’s your national team??

  2. hahahahahah

    26. January 2013. at 10:30

    where is the Croatian fans 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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