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David Davis calls you to join Global Handball Summit 2023

The most interesting handball event before the World Championship 2023 in Poland and Sweden will take place in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje. Between January 4 and 8, Global Handball Summitt will take place at legendary hall “Jane Sandanski”, home of RK Vardar, where some of the most beautiful fairytales of European handball in the past years has been written.

One of the guests among the others on impressive list is former RK Vardar and Telekom Veszprem coach, David Davis:

  • It’s impressive that all these big names are at the same time at one place at the Summit. It’s a unique moment to listen masterminds of our sport speaking and doing the practice in Skopje – saying Davis for Handball-Planet.com.
  • Jane Sandanski it’s a hall that once you play there, you can not forget the atmosphere and how beautiful is to play in Skopje. A lot of energy, a lot of pressure, a great recipe for a handball match. I was living very nice there, great moments in this mythical Arena. I am sure that all the participants will have benefit from the event, at the first place – knowledge. Find out how other coaches work is a gift. And second, to have the opportunity to ask some questions to the coaches or just share some time with them, It’s a great benefit – concluded Davis which topic is named “My goal, their goal”. 


One of the guests at Global Handball Summit will be also Bojana Jelicic, psychologist, member of the EHF Scientific Network Group of Specialists with 15-years of experience in working with the several different national teams and clubs:

  1. How do you see general idea of Summit?

Handball is in need of events with big expectations, and therefore big deliveries. We need more events that become an association for the exchange of experience and competencies. You have set high expectations with big names, may it continue this way in the future as well. Let’s all keep in mind that we need to invest more in all roles in our team if we want to keep up with the challenges of development, let alone get ahead of all of that. We need serious investment in our team staff, in general. The criteria need to be raised. You can not expect the performing level of the team to raise, and the whole sport to develop, by expecting more from the players only. These events are great opportunities for the coaches to invest in themselves, learn, define new ways of development, exchange experiences, get advice, and widen their network.

  1. What will be your topic at the event?

Coach’s communication with/towards the players – directly and indirectly influencing performance and behavior of the players

  1. How do you see the impressive list of the participants which will attend event in Skopje?

It will be an occasion for the coaches to have a more complete insight into and experience with these participants. Live, in-person experience of knowledge and competency exchange is another level of learning.

  1. Event will take a place at Jane Sandanski hall, famous for amazing Macedonian handball history with RK and ZRK Vardar. How this fact can motivate and inspire people?

It is not just about the hall, but the city and country of handball. All of that together will stimulate the projection and identification. Directly and indirectly, influencing the motivation for increased readiness to accept new insights. Hopefully, this will transfer to the days after the event itself, to implement the received mindsets/suggestions/advice.

  1. What will be benefit of the attending Summit?

The benefit depends on the individual coming to attend the Summit. On their mindset, their motive, and their self-awareness level. The more open they will be to accepting new information from participants that speak through experience, the more they will be benefiting from the Summit. Advice for them – listen without judging, listen with the motive to understand the perspective of the expert sharing his/her experience. We can all be helped only if we open ourselves to receive the help itself. And with these names here, it sounds like the right help will be offered.

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