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Du Rietz’s comeback: “He is unbelievably strong”

An interesting interview can be read on Balkan-Handball.com, where Rhein Neckar Lowen right wing Bogdan Radivojevic speaks about his days among German champions in Mannheim, coach Nikolaj Jacobsen and newcomer Ekdahl Du Rietz, who will be ready for the match of DHB Cup quarter-final against Leipzig on Tuesday.

  • He was few times with us on training sessions between his trips. Kim Ekdahl did his first training on Friday. I don’t know what is with his guy, but he is unbelievably strong. He didn’t practice in the last nine months, but his strength is untouched. When he is going between two players, it’s better to escape quickly, otherwise, he will kill break your bones. He needs some time to get ready, to get a better feeling for defense, shot, but I believe that he will be able to help us already against Leipzig in battle for Cup Final4 – said Bogdan Radivojevic for Balkan-Handball.com.

Bogdan Radivojević: Pritisak i stres ne postoje u Levenu

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