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EC 2014 quals: Disgraceful Macedonia lose in Portugal, 25-32

In what should have been a one-sided game in the qualifications for the European Championship 2014 in Denmark turned into a nightmare for the Macedonian team led by Kiril Lazarov. In Espinho (near Porto), the Portuguese squad showed brave and fearless play already from the beginning taking the lead and never letting it go. Portugal played as if they were the huge favorite in this game, totally outplaying the Macedonians, and in the end won a totally deserved 32-25 for the Portuguese.

Nikola Mitrevski, Filip Mirkulovski, Dejan Manaskov – the only bright spots

Of the bad display of the Macedonian players, only three had “fine” game – all players of HC Metalurg. Nikola Mitrevski proved why he had a nice game at home against Switzerland, and after replacing Borko Ristovski (15 mins, 0 saves), entered the game and managed to make some important saves, however they were in vain considering the failure in the Macedonian attack. After Mirkulovski entered the game and started organizing the game in place of Filip Lazarov, the game started to move, and at times with his brave moves brought important goals for the team. Dejan Manaskov yet once again showed why he is very promising winger, and probably could receive the highest grade of all for his performance today.

In addition, Filip Lazarov’s role in the starting roster is rather unknown, contemplating that he has continuously showed very bad games. Against Switzerland when he was leading the attack, Macedonia from +13 finished with +6. Now in the beginning of the game against Portugal he had nothing to show, and seemed clueless in the attack.

Vlatko Temelkov and Zlatko Mojsovski combine for 1 goal, Georgievski left out

As already announced, the in-form promising wing Goce Georgievski has been left out of the team in the name of “youthening” the team. The players that played on his position, Vlatko Temelkov and Zlatko Mojsovski, which are 32 and 31 years old, combined for a total of 1 goal, while Georgievski with 25 years who scores 4-5 goals per game in the Champions League did not get his chance.

Fans want Lino Cervar to replace Zvonko Sundovski

On the social networks, there has been a lot of calls that Sundovski is replaced after the debacle in the Olympic Qualifications in which Macedonia lost all three games, however that did not happen. As time passes this calls gain on value, and especially after today’s game, it is to be seriously considered many fans argue. The most wanted name is Cervar, however, some of the players in the national team are afraid that if Cervar is to be coach some of them will definitely not get a call for the national team.

Next: Macedonia with two games against Spain in March 

Considering the current condition in the national team, what is to be expected from the games against Spain in March? Spain “wiped the floor” with Portugal at home with 34:20 and then Switzerland away 33:22, and it will be no wonder if we are to see a convincing Spain win in the match-up in March against Macedonia.




  1. handball fan

    27. December 2012. at 14:40

    Well, it was a game to show Europes handball that sometimes the unknown squads can win games against the mighty ones, it would be nice if Portugal (if they keep playing like they did against Macedonia) could manage to reach the EC, great game by the portuguese.
    Congratulations Portugal

  2. F.P.

    6. November 2012. at 09:10

    Its incredible, how could you write this, only talking about Macedonia. You should do a research work to know something more about the Portuguese Players! You should know this site to meet a little more from Portugal. We have good players, but no experience. I guess with the Globalization we, Portuguese, could make good things! All of the Handball world should know some Players from Portugal.

  3. mario

    5. November 2012. at 11:40

    It is disgraceful to write such things, Mr Borjan Zafirovski…

  4. aleksandar the Great

    5. November 2012. at 08:55

    Yess, thay played bad, yesterday, but that is not a reason to destroy the most succesfuull team in the history of the Macedonian handball history!!! GO MACEDONIA!!!

  5. marko

    5. November 2012. at 08:52

    How can you say that fans want Sundovski to leave the NT of Macedonia? Are they the 50000 fans, who wellcome Sundovski and the players in Skopje, after Euro 2012? Or, are they, the relatives and friends of the players who are not part of this team?

  6. M

    4. November 2012. at 21:30

    Zvonko Shundovski should most definately be sacked. His tactics are obsolete, lacks vision and on top of that has made a poor selection of players. Lino Chervar should be the one to coach the national team to the World championship in Spain.

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