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EHF CL: Savehof take first points in the season 19/20

VELUX EHF Champions League 2019/2020 is open in Finland, where Swedish Savehof won the first match of the season against Cocks 30:25 (18:13).

William Bogojevic was in shooting mood last night with eight goals for the winning team.

Riihimäen Cocks-Savehof 25-30 (13-18)

Riihimäen Cocks: Yury Lukyanchuk 6, Yury Semenov 6, Teemu Tamminen 4, Nico Rönnberg 4, Davor Basaric 3, Nils Kreicbergs 2.

Savehof: William Bogojevic 8, Gzim Salihi 5, Gustaf Wedberg 4, Sebastian Karlsson 4, Christoffer Brännberger 3, Sebastian Spante 2, Jonathan Edvardsson 2, Adam Blanche 1.

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