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DENMARK 2015 | First time in a World Championship for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico against Kazakhstan in 22nd Women's World Championship | Photo: Rasmus Østergaard/DHF.DK

They had lost all of their matches until today. They have just made history by winning over Kazakhstan (30:27), but Romania, Norway, Russia, Spain… they are too powerful rivals for a debutant NT. But despite all of this defeats, bleachers from Arena Nord in Frederikshavn are full of happiness when Puerto Rican girls are around. Kitsa Escobar used to play in the wing, until someone said to her that she would be out of the team if she didn’t take the goalkeeper role. So she did it. And now she is Frederikshavn, being part of her NT of Puerto Rico in their first time in a World Championship. She is making amazing saves to renowned players and above all, she is enjoying one of the best experiences of her life and career. So is doing the whole Puerto Rican team. Talking to them oneself realizes that they assumed their level and what they want is just to improve as a team as well as enjoy this sport. “This World Championship is an exam for us, to prepare to a more realistic objective that are Panamerican Games” explains Escobar, and she adds “we have noticed that from the first day here in Denmark to now, the team has improved a lot. We knew how will results would be but we just want to feel proud and satisfied with our game on the court”. About the experience they are living in Denmark, Puerto Rican goalkeeper confesses that “it is an honour to share the handball court with such amazing players. We like Spain a lot and I really like Marta Mangué”. Now that they are not qualified to eight finals, we will keep enjoying Puerto Rican happy style in President’s Cup, and it will be worth it without a doubt.

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