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Germany close to win Group D – Argentina against Russia for eighth-final spot

Poland crushed Saudi Arabia 32:13. Poles started the game apparently a bit distracted as already in the 1. minute Karol Bielecki got sent off for 2 minutes for making a wrong change. Both teams were making mistakes but Saudi Arabia definitely did worse and after 10 minutes they were losing 2:5. The gap could have been bigger if it hadn’t been for the Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Nassfan who, among others, saved Lijewski’s penalty throw. Poland made use of the Saudi Arabian defence; team mates left the field clear mainly for Kamil Syprzak but other goals were as well scored mostly from the line. Terrible attack and numerous errors of their opponents allowed Poland to gain a really considerable advantage – the halftime result was 17:6.

The second half was opened well by the goalkeeper Ali Al-Saffar but Poles finally found their way to the goal. At the other side of the court, Piotr Wyszomirski had even a better time and kept his record clear for 10 minutes. Poland lost a bit focus and had problems with nailing goals for a couple minutes but it turned out to be only temporary. Unfortunately for them, outstandingly playing Syprzak got injured and had to leave the court. However, it didn’t affect the course of the game very much and Poles finished the game leading 32:13. The advantage could have been bigger but, despite the clear victory, Poles achieved quite an outstanding thing – they missed each one of their six penalty throws. The attempts were made by Lijewski, Bielecki, Rojewski, B. Jurecki and twice by Daszek. Some of them were saved by the goalkeeper and some were completely missed. However, not a single one penalty throw was scored during the game as Szmal saved all (two) attempts of Saudi Arabia.

In the other games of Group D Argentina lost to Germany 23:28 and Denmark beat Russia 31:28.

Germany 7
Denmark 6
Poland 6
Argentina 3
Russia 2
Saudi Arabia 0


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1 Comment

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