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Hype in Sweden: Stars presented as the four elements

The handball fever in Sweden is rising before european championsip. In the latest edition of the swedish handball magazine Match four of their stars are presented as the four elements: Fire, air, water and earth.
In top you can see the front page. Below is the retouched pictures from the inside of the magazine. Pretty cool, right?
With the help of the national team coach Staffan Olsson they have “translated” every element to an attrbute on the pitch.
The olympic games top scorer Niclas Ekberg is water and his attribute is cool. The defending Champions League champion Fredrik Petersen is fire and his attribute is ardent. Flensburg’s new signing Johan Jakobsson is air and elasticity. The captain Tobias Karlsson is earth and hard.


  1. Ziga

    19. February 2019. at 12:32

    Is it possible to find any contacts about from the Match magazine?

  2. Moses

    25. October 2018. at 04:17

    how can we get to join international teams because we have talents of handball in Africa

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