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KIF Kolding want to keep Kim Andersson, but: PSG can offer twice more! wrote about the negotiations between PSG Handball and the Swedish star Kim Andersson. The famous lefthander visited Paris where he discussed with the possible new bosses terms of his new contract, but also past some medical examination since he has a lot of problems with his shoulder in the last few years.

This story confirmed also Danish, with a statement of the KIF Kolding Kobenhavn official Jens Boesen, who expressed their will to keep one of the best world’s right back in Denmark even after expiration of contract next June:

“We have given him an offer before Christmas, and now it’s up to Kim to answer it when he finds out what he wants. But we can not compete with what he can get in Paris. There he can get twice the salary. It’s a completely different world. We are well aware, and we know all too well that there is a risk that he chooses them. Second would be illogical, “notes Jens Boesen and continues:

“We are quite ok with if he chooses a very nice financial contract – perhaps the last he included in his career – with Paris. Of course it is something he has to consider seriously, “said Boesen.



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