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Lada Togliatti defeats Zvezda Zvenigorod (31:27) in the big derby

In the big derby in female Russian handball, Lada Togliatti took the early lead in the first half, playing nicely in the attack, but also conceding lots of goals in a fast-paced game. Zvezda Zvenigorod showed that they are major title contenders this season and lowered the lead to bearable 17:15 at halftime for Lada Togliatti. In the second half the small lead was being kept with constant goal-for-goal play, in the 55th minute the score stands at 29:26 with the home team making 2:0 run and a suspension for the visitors. Until the end the lead is only extended, 31:27 for Lada.

Lada Togliatti now joins Rostov and HC Dinamo on the top of the league with 8 points, with Lada having played a game more.

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