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Linn Jorum Sulland prepares come-back to the top with Gyor!

One of the best world’s lefthander in the last decade, the 30-years old Linn Jorum Sulland signed contract with Hungarian TOP team Gyor for the upcoming season. The member of the legendary golden Norwegian national team suffered a lot of problems due injury in the last two years and lost domination in Larvik HK, but also NT on her position where Nora Mork showed a great progress.

The next season could be a real come-back for her, but also Hungarian team who lost the European title by losing matches against ZRK Vardar in EHF CL quarter-final, but also domestic trophy against FTC.

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  1. Bond

    20. May 2015. at 21:09

    In the last decade? OMG, what lie!

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