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Lino Červar: “Vori deserved to be voted as the best”

IHF voting process for the best players of 2010 is on track and it is interesting to read, what handball expert as former national coach of Croatia and today, coach of Metalurg Skopje, Lino Červar, thinks about:

– I can everything explain in a few sentences.Igor Vori is product of work ethic. Work is his spiritus movens, as mine also. That why, I am glad that he made something in the world of handball, because I know the time, when he was in category of “untalented” young players.

I am proud that I took all the best from his potential. He deserved this title,to people worldwide understand that only hard work can produce sucess in life and sports.

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1 Comment

  1. empe

    9. December 2010. at 16:48

    Hey Guys, work on your English, please. Far to many mistakes in such a short text

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