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Mikkael Appelgren has another knee surgery

Mikkael Appelgren will be out of the handball for a long period ahead of us. The Swedish goalkeeper from Rhein Neckar Lowen had to repeat knee surgery in order to make his condition better and get back to proffesional handball.

  • I would have loved to post something about my comeback, finally being able to catch that ball with my hands again. Or atleast something funny with the flamingo on the floor… 🤾🏼‍♀️🦩
    Sadly, my facial expression is the one I can relate to most. After a looooong (far to long) period of hope and despair, my knee still does not allow much workload or any at all. 🦵
    Another surgery is needed to fix my right knee, I feel frustrated, exhausted and broken. 💔 But I have to come to terms with it and find the energy to set another setback straight. I really hope the last wrong turn on the journey back to the handball court is corrected. 💉🔧🪚🩹

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