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N.E.A.G.U: Romanian girls win epic battle against 15.000 Danes!

Copyrights: Stephan Pillaud

Romania are the last team in the Women’s World Championship 2015 semi-final! Right wing Adriana Nechita netted historical goal for her team in the alst second of the second extra-time against Denmark 31:30 (26:26 – 13:10) for a win in front of 15.000 fans in “JUSK BANK Boxen” Arena in Herning. Romanian girls were led by outstanding, absotely brilliant left back Cristina Neagu, who netted 15 goals in total!

Romanian princess had the chance to score for a win in the last second of the regular part of the match, but Poulsen saved his 7-meter shot. However, Romanian girls were strong enough to keep their heads up, beat the pressure and put host nation out of the medals battle.


Romania will play against Norway for the final. Norway beat Montenegro 26:25 (13:11).




  1. SS

    1. January 2016. at 10:27

    We appreciate too little Romania, a nation that constantly produce such a great champions in almost every sport.
    The Head of IHF and EHS must have some important changes in their inappropriate structures.
    IHF and EHF go to the values of this sport, not to corruption!

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  3. Vlad

    17. December 2015. at 22:07

    So pity for Denmark, they have to watch the rest on tv :)))))))))))))) we nail them

  4. Andreas

    17. December 2015. at 17:49

    Have in mind that the Romanian girl teams are the only national representatives participating in all the final world championship tournaments.
    We appreciate too little a nation that constantly produce such a great champions in almost every sport.

  5. Andrzej

    17. December 2015. at 10:50

    Gratulations from Poland. Great game and cold heads in latest second of extra time. Neagu beyond imagination ((:

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  7. Ben

    16. December 2015. at 23:35

    So good that Neagu is back to being the best in the world, after all her injuries

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