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Paulo Pereira about Portuguese Olympic failure: We need to invest more in handball

Portugal stayed without Olympic VISA for Paris 2024. The young Portuguese team have lost decisive battle against Hungary in Tatabanya to finish third behind Norway and host team of the qualifications tournament. Portuguese NT coach Paulo Pereira was unhappy with the conclusion of the Olympic cycle, but with message to Portuguese sports authorities after all:

“We were able to play a qualifier for the second time in the history of the modern Olympics, the last time we managed to win the chance to participate, not this time. Because of this, we are sad, but we have to admit that the Hungarian national team deserved to get out. I’m sorry that some of my young players who haven’t participated in the Olympics are now losing this opportunity. But I’m also sad about the older ones, for whom it would have been their last chance to participate in an Olympics again,” said Paulo Pereira, head of the Portuguese national team, at the official press conference.

“We have met the Hungarians four times since 2020, now we are 2-2. Of these, the Hungarian team could play at home in two important tournaments, and we were never given the opportunity, because we have nothing to do with it. You may know that in 2028 we will partially settle the European Championships, but there is only one usable arena in Lisbon. It’s nothing more. We need to invest more in handball, especially from the human resources side. And to the Hungarians, I say, just keep moving forward – we will do the same,” Pereira said.

Portugal played at Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021.

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