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Saturday (20:15 CET): Barcelona – Atletico Madrid (Match for the title)

ASOBAL League will see the second biggest derby this season Barcelona-Atletico Madrid. After the initial one in Madrid between Atletico and Barcelona which was won by Barcelona and has since kept the two points lead, with both teams winning all games so far this season. Now this game in Barcelona will surely be the crucial one in ASOBAL. The only possibility for Atletico to win the title is winning the match by 2 goals or more, everything will be a disaster for them and will see Barcelona as champion. Arpad Sterbik, in interview for claimed this game to be “life or death” for the Madrid side. “If we want to win at Palau, we have to play very seriously. With this game, we can win everything, but we will see. Everyone playing against Barca has extra motivation, and we will too try to get a good result.” – added Sterbik for


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