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Serbian left-back Ivan Dimitrijevic about problem with VfL Gummersbach: “I am suffering injustice”

One of the most perspective Serbian left back, Ivan Dimitrijevic (23) left RK Partizan 12 months ago in direction VfL Gummersbach. Nice Bundesliga’s start was continued by a lot of problems which finished by termination of contract after which Dimitrijevic doesn’t play handball last six months. After he failing to sign contract with Qatari Al Sadd because of problem with previous club, he decided to send “open letter” to the PRESS and explain his “part of the story” with the German team.

Dear handball fans, my coaches, athletes, sports officials, teammates and all sportsmen,

I am writing this statement, because I suffer a great injustice and repression back over the last 6 months of VfL Gummersbach and person that all this led, club’s manager, Mr. Frank Flatten. I wish to tell the truth about smear my name and player’s renomea. Upon cancellation in Gummersbach I’m faced with big problems. I’m not playing handball last 6 months, not take any money, not training professionally. Mr. Flatten each day in the newspapers and various websites talking false stories and information about parting with VfL Gummersbach. Releasing I received unilateral termination of the contract, I left the club without a single Euro reparations, it was forbidden to me to say goodbye to former teammates (prohibited by Mr. Flatten), since that day in the newspapers are stories that I’m to blame for the disruption cooperation.

Because of not receiving any compensation I decided to look for justice at court. The first dealing term was passed by Mr. Flatten and VFL Gummersbach, and they did not offer any compensation for my termination (9 months contracts have left to the end). Then he was talking about how I was unfair and sued the club. He continued incorrect to talk about it since today. After 6 months I found a club and decided to play again. I’m currently in Doha, Qatar where I’ve agreed with the club and the club has decided to sign a contract with me.

During registration for my new club, there was a brake by Mr. Flatten. He sent me a paper with which I should print a registration for new team, but he added to the page below his personal manuscripts with pen that if I sign that paper PROCESS AT THE COURT WILL BE TERMINATED. Such injustice and behavior of the above-mentioned Mr. automatically stands on the way of my career and my personal progress. As I am potential player of the Serbian NT, I expects that nobody else destroys my  career and stops at the same time and deny the pleasure of playing handball. Everyone knows about my problem, my family, and friends, but you who read this hideous lie every day don’t know the truth and what is true after all! I don’t want anyone to justice, just to stop repression over me and prevention of my further development as player. I kept silent 6 months in hope that Mr. Flatten turn out correct and in the spirit of sport to make a decision, but until today my name is tarnish and put in a very ugly context.

Best regards,and sports grateful,
Ivan Dimitrijevic

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