Slovenia or Hungary to semis – Sweden beat Hungary to put Norway to medal’s battle

Norway are now definitely the third semi-finalists of the Men’s EHF EURO 2020.

Sweden beat Hungary 24:18 (10:9) to help Scandinavians to qualify for the second EURO final weekend in their history (the first was in 2016).

Hungary – Sweden 18-24 (9-10)

Hungary: Zoltan Szita 4, Dominik Mathe 3, Bence Banhidi 3, Zsolt Balogh 2, Matyas Gyori 2, Bence Nagy 1, Patrik Ligetvari 1, Balint Fekete 1, Bendeguz Boka 1.

Sweden: Lucas Pellas 5, Jim Gottfridsson 5,  Andreas Nilsson 4, Albin Lagergren 3, Daniel Pettersson 2, Lukas Nilsson 2, Kim Ekdahl 1, Valter Chrintz 1, Linus Arnesson 1.

Norway is secure, but for the second place will fight Slovenia, who play against Norwegians in the last round, as well as Hungary who have Portugal for the rival on the last day.

Norway 8
Slovenia 6
Hungary 4
Portugal 2
Iceland 2
Sweden 2

Mandatory Credit © Anze Malovrh / kolektiff

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