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Spain win tournament in Oviedo

In the first match of the final day in Oviedo, Norway beat Hungary 28:26, whereas in the next game Spain beat Poland 33:28. The first half was very tight; Spain was a little bit better for 15 minutes but then Poles took the lead and left court leading 14:13. Both teams tried to play fast, they played very well in attack and both had problems with their defences so spectators saw numerous – and often quickly scored – goals.

In the second half Poland continued their good performance until 46. minute when they led by 4 goals (26:22). From that point Spain started coming from behind; Poles were having problems with getting through the Spanish defence and were unable to score for a couple of minutes while Spain took the lead. Poland kept playing poorly until the final whistle and ended up losing by 5 goals.

Spain: Jose M. Sierra, Gonzalo P. Vargas, Rodrigo Corrales – Albert Rocas 2, Jorge Maqueda 3, Víctor Tomás 2, Raul Entrerríos 1, Julen Aginagalde 5, Cristian Ugalde, Juan Andreu, José María Rodríguez 2, Joan Cañellas 6, Viran Morros, Antonio J. García, Valero Rivera 7, Gedeón Guardiola 2, Niko Mindegía, Alex Dujshebaev 3.

Poland: Wichary, Wyszomirski – Lijewski 3, Krajewski 4, Orzechowski, Bielecki 2, Rojewski 4, Wiśniewski 2, B. Jurecki 4, Grabarczyk,  Masłowski 1, Syprzak 4, Daszek, Chrapkowski 4.

Spain 6
Norway 4
Poland 2
Hungary 0

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