EGYPT 2021

Strong France push Norway to 1/4 final!


France No.1, Norway No.2 from Main Round Group ready to chase Spain and Hungary in the battles for semi-finals!

The French team had powerful evening against Portugal 32:23 (16:12) to secure first place in the Group and help Norway to keep second ticket for quarter-final ahead of Portuguese squad.

Portugal – France 23-32 (12-16)

Portugal : Miguel Martins 6, Andre Gomes 4, Alexandre Cavalcanti 3, Diogo Branquinho 3, Victor Iturriza 2, Alexis Borges 2, Fabio Magalhaes 1, Belone Moreira 1, Rui Silva 1.

France : Hugo Descat 8, Dika Mem 5, Timothey N’Guessan 5, Melvyn Richardson 3, Romain Lagarde 3, Michael Guigou 3, Nedim Remili 2, Nicolas Tournat 1, Ludovic Fabregas 1, Kentin Mahe 1.

France 10
Norway 8
Portugal 6
Switzerland 4
Iceland 2
Algeria 0


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ilprimo vero

    26. January 2021. at 06:53

    I really respect the slowenian team, strong performance through the championship against big teams, but slowenia did also many game mistakes and let many chances untranslated into goals,not only against Egypt. so to underrate the egyptian team and claim that the Egyptians poisoned your players is really cheap and unprofessional, why do you start the game then, you could interrupt the event and withdraw under those claimed conditions.instead you started the game, had a good score and were about to win the game, but the Egyptians came back. So stop being unsportive and improfessional. Egypt won also again Belarus, Russia and Macedonia, nobody said those silly claims.

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