EGYPT 2021

Sweden beat Russia by 14 to put Egypt on Denmark in quarter-final

Even without almost 10 players who had to cancel coming to Egypt due injuries and COVID-19, Sweden managed to qualify for the 1/4 final of the World Championship 2021 as the first team of Main Round Group ahead of Egypt.

This means, Denmark and Egypt will play at quarter-final, while Swedish team is waiting one of these three – Qatar, Argentina or Croatia.

Russia  – Sweden 20-34 (8-17)

Russia : Aleksandr Kotov 5, Pavel Andreev 3, Denis Vasilev 3, Igor Soroka 2, Dmitrii Kiselev 2, Roman Ostashchenko 1, Daniil Shishkarev 1, Dmitrii Zhitnikov 1, Aleksandr Ermakov 1, Dmitry Kornev 1.

Sweden : Lucas Pellas 8, Hampus Wanne 6, Jonathan Carlsbogard 3, Jim Gottfridsson 3, Albin Lagergren 3, Lukas Sandell 2, Daniel Pettersson 2, Felix Claar 2, Alfred Jonsson 2, Valter Chrintz 1, Anton Lindskog 1, Max Darj 1.

Sweden 8
Qatar 7
Slovenia 6 
Russia 5 
Belarus 2
North Macedonia 0

PHOTO: Egypt 2021



  1. Mohamed

    26. January 2021. at 03:39

    Egipt je država varnosti in zaščite, vendar niste cenili svoje prisotnosti v naši državi in ​​nam ste s svojo izjavo pustili slab spomin … Vemo pa, zakaj … ker ste poraženci na tekmi in smo so tisti, ki so te premagali .. Tukaj v Egiptu nisi dobrodošel.

    Egypt is the country of safety and security, but you did not appreciate your presence in our country and you left us with a bad memory with your statement … But we know why … because you are the losers in the match and we are the ones who defeated you .. You are not welcome here in Egypt.

  2. Mohamed

    26. January 2021. at 03:24

    Egypt is a country of safety and security You did not appreciate your stay in Egypt Indeed, you left my Zakari bad because of this slander … but we know why … because you are the losers and we are the ones who defeated you.

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