The End of RK Metalurg? Players boycott match against Zagreb and criticize Cervar!

„Who don’t want to be in the club under Lino Červar as the head-coach, can leave the room“ said the RK Metalurg’s owner Minčo Jordanov during the meeting with the players on Tuesday evenning in „Autokomanda“ hall in Skopje, the home of the Macedonian champions. Right after, 19 players left the meeting and hall and decided to boycot the today’s match with PPD Zagreb in SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League.

The match is canceled, as team from Skopje stayed with only 7 youngstars who are on the list of 28 registered players for the regional competition. RK Metalurg waiting for the decision of SEHA Board, but it is expected to be 10:0 for Zagreb and financial penalty.

Moreover, the Serbian NT goalkeeper, Miroslav Kocić, decided to seek termination of the contract with the team. He didn’t receive a penny for the first three months in Skopje. That is the destiny of all the players this season.

The culmination of everything is the official statement of 19 players in which they critize Lino Červar and the Management for changing of the winning concept which make from Metalurg one of the strongest team in Europe in the last two seasons, when they finished in EHF CL TOP 8:

– Our impression is that his (Červar) interest isn’t Metalurg, not the players or raising the domestic talents, but only his wish to stay on the bench as long as he can, at the same time without any emotion for the club, sport and the players.

RK Metalurg’s players underlined that they understand financial situation in which club exist, and that they will wait for some better days, but they are impossible with the current coach and the management.

What are the next steps of the players, but also the owner and Lino Červar? The things going too fast so we will know more until end of the day.




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  3. sameware

    5. November 2014. at 17:16

    19 player is from 5 diferent countres (Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Crolatia, Russia ) and he playexelent on EhF week but Lino Cervar and Minco Jirdanov wants.samething else , respect for him but big respect for Mitreski, Kocic, Manaskov, Georgievski, Jonoski, Markoski, Mirkuloski, Atman, Mojsovski, Cindric, Borozan, Marsenic, Lipovina, Vugrinec, Ojleski, Nelovski, Dimovski, N.Markoski and ather in tha club. You can everithing you want you are big player and together you are. STRONG

  4. martin

    5. November 2014. at 14:54

    Are viables 2 elite handball team in skopje , why arenot presov , Nantes , berlin , tolousse .. in champions for metalurg ?

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