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The end of season in the Netherlands – “No promotion, no relegation”

The season in the Netherlands is over. The Dutch Handball Federation stated that no”promotion or relegation” will happen at the end of the 2019/2020 season.

“Everyone in the Netherlands is affected by these measures to combat the corona virus, including our handball activities.

Now that it has become clear that a restart of our handball competitions is no longer possible, the board of the NHV has decided to consider all competitions 2019/2020 as ended as of today. This has various consequences with regard to the final ranking and the associated promotions and relegations.

We are sorry to inform you that the 2019/2020 competition has no regular promotion / relegation. Even where a team already thought that they were certain of promotion or where they could be promoted.

The Federal Government is aware of the disappointment this decision entails. Especially for all teams in the different leagues that were in the top rankings.  

However, the federal government has deliberately come to this decision. Where there are promotions, degradations will have to take place. However, in many cases the competition was still in such a decisive phase that it does not consider it responsible to maintain the promotion / relegation scheme.

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