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“Third referee” is on the IHF agenda?

One of the discussions among IHF referee commission is promoting the third referee into the game.

On his page on social network, member of the EHF Beach Handball Commission, former Greek referee, Gheorghe Bebetzos, spoke about the discussion at the IHF online symposium of innovations in handball rules.

“The future is coming! Handball matches can have three referees on the court instead of two. The speeds in the game grow, the number of actions on the court increases. Experimental introduction of three arbiters into the game can help to see how many erroneous decisions can be eliminated. Fans, players, coaches and officials want to find ways to improve the game they love. And if such a change can improve the game for all parties, then no one will mind.Simple fact: with more eyes following the game, the game will become more accurate. A much larger number of potentially problematic situations can be stopped at the root.”

What is your opinion about this solution?

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