TOP 10 handball “failed operations” in 2009/2010: “Ola, Sead and other big names”

Hardest work is behind us. When you are judging about best players and coaches is much easier than you have to choose handball people, who didn’t have success in a year behind us. Proverb says that one should learn from the mistakes of the past, so we have to go forward with reminding public on some details, which are not finals and titles.

Let’s start. TOP 10 performed the worst coaching jobs in a season behind us.

1. Ola Lindgren (Sweden – Rhein Neckar Lowen)

After very promising time in HSG Nordhorn, former Swedish national player, bite the big apple. With Sweden, he and Staffan Olsson were stuck in the very first round of EURO 2010 in Austria (15th place) and with over payed Rhein Neckar Lowen he achieve – nothing.  That isn’t a sign that he is a bad coach, but this wasn’t his season, his place and time.

2. Sead Hasanefendic (Serbia)

Fact that coaching national team and normal league team squad is totally different things approved Sead Hasanefendic. Fantastic season is behind him at the bench of VfL Gummersbach, but what happened with Serbia at EURO 2010 under his control, he couldn’t explain as well as journalists and other public in country with a lot handball talents.  Prepared for a medal fight, he left a court in Linz with two defeat and one draw – 13th place. Poor for his CV and Serbs. He stayed at that position just three months.

3. Vladimir Maksimov (Russia)

Former big Russia become smaller and smaller, year by year. They forgot, who to win a medals a long time ago, but know, even qualification for big competition is a question. Russia won’t play at WC 2011 and that is a shame for a country of such a results, tradition and team (Chehovski Medvedi was on EHF CL F4). Romania was better in June qualification round, so legendary Maksimov had to be placed on this list also.

4. Patrice Canayer (Montpellier)

Good marketing job with Nikola Karabatic didn’t bring result for champions from southern France. They won all in “Non-competitional” French League, but in Champions League they lost against Chehovski Medvedi at the door of Final Four tournament, what was surprise. Convincing defeat at the begining of a new CL season at home against HSV it is a sign that nothing will change…

5. Zvonimir Serdarusic (Slovenia)

He made a step forward with Slovenia at EURO 2010 in Austria, when we saw a lot of progress in motivation and skills of Slovenian players, but then came Lajos Mocsai with Hungary in Qualification for WC in Sweden and everything was ruined. Slovenia will miss second World Championships in a row…

6. Heiner Brand (Germany)

World champions from 2007 going down, year by year. After he became a “movie star” with his angry face and “strong fist” in front of referee head in Zadar (WC Croatia 2009), referees wasn’t guilty why he lost all important matches in Austria this january and finished 10th. The truth is also that Germany hasn’t enough TOP quality players for medals fighting, but bravery is to say that…

7. Istvan Csoknyai (Hungary)

He tried to keep a level of Hungarian results on the wind of popularity for our sport in this country, but he fall down at the first step – EURO 2010, where Hungary took 14th place. Now, Csoknyai is again, just assistant of Mocsai.

8. Markus Baur (TBV Lemgo)

Former “brain” of German national team, lost a job after CL “Wild card” tournament in Leon in September 2009, when TBV Lemgo embarrassed German handball.

9. Lino Cervar (Metalurg)

Even everyone expect some miracle in Skopje after “big boss” Minco Jordanov appointed Lino Cervar for a coach of Metalurg, nothing happened.  They easily lost qualification matches for Champions League in Porto and Macedonia won’t have a team in CL after many years…

10. Martin Liptak (Czech Republic)

Despite good result at EURO 2010, when they finished 8th, the best player of the Planet this year, Filip Jicha won’t play next World Championship in Sweden (Czech Republic lost against Serbia in Qualification) and that is only objections to Liptak.

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