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TOP 10 “MISSED TARGETS” 2017/18: Accambray, Rnic, Bannour, Sanai, Jamali…

The end of the season 2017/2018 is the moment of the year to put some light also on the TOP 10 list of the “missed targets” – transfers which weren’t so efficient for the clubs in the season behind us.

Every year,, after list of the “BEST BUY”, announcing the list of “missed targets”, the group of players who didn’t fullfill expectations in their new teams based on their quality, experience or just potential.

It is questionable, whether teams made mistakes, players had no enough time to adapt or they got injured, but season 2017/2018 wasn’t good enough for certain names to “avoid” our yearly list.

Here is the list of TOP 10 “missed targets”:  

  1. William Accambray (PSG Handball – Telekom Veszprem, left back – France)
  2. Momir Rnic (MT Melsungen – Rhein Neckar Lowen, left back – Serbia)
  3. Amine Bannour (African – Chambery Savoie, right back – Tunisia)
  4. Mosbah Sanai (El Jaish Sports Club – Chambery Savoie, left back, Tunisia)
  5. Iman Jamali (Meshkov Brest (loaned) – Telekom Veszprem, left back – Hungary/Iran)
  6. Vladislav Ostroushko (HC Meshkov Brest – Kadetten Schaffhausen, left back – Ukraine)
  7. Erik Schmidt (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf – Fuchse Berlin, line-player, Germany)
  8. Alexander Tiumentsev (HC Meshkov Brest – CSM Bucharest, playmaker – Russia/Spain)
  9. Lasse Mikkelsen (Skjern Haandbold – MT Melsungen, playmaker, Denmark)
  10. Stipe Mandalinic (RK PPD Zagreb – Fuchse Berlin, left back, Croatia)

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TOP 10 “MISSED TARGETS” 2013/2014: Csaszar, Gojun, Kraus, “Air France”…



  1. asdasd

    26. July 2018. at 12:01

    Aron Palmarsson is the biggest missed target for 1 million euros…

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