WC 2015 Q: Poland book Qatar ticket after defeating Germany, Austria is there too

Poland managed to defend their lead from the first game, when they won 25-24. Now in Magdeburg, the Germans had a good chance to overcome the 1-goal deficit in front of the home crowd, but Poland proved again the stronger opponent. Karol Bielecki with 7 goals and Michal Jurecki with 5 goals led Poland past Germany, who had Gensheimer and Glandorf scoring 7 goals each, but not enough to qualify for the World Championship.

Austria continues their series of successes and qualifying for the big tournament. Now Norway will not find themself there, as it’s the Austrians that take their spot with a 28-28 draw in Bergen, which is enough following the home win of 28-26. Janko Bozovic and Viktor Szilagyi were most efficient for Austria with 6 goals each, while Norway’s Espen Lie Hansen was the best scorer in the match with 8 goals.

Russia proved again that they are just too strong for Lithuania, and won 33-22 in Kaunas.

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