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30 YEARS IN ONE TEAM! Patrice Canayer to stay in Montpellier until 2024!

Patrice Canayer will stay at the bench of Montpellier Handball for four more years which means that his contract is set on summer 2024! 

Tradition in French handball will be measured by experienced coach who overtook team from Montpellier in 1994, which means that he has a chance to stay 30 years in the club!

  • Patrice Canayer has been an integral part of the structure for 25 years. He has always been very successful and is part of the history of this club. His results, his commitment as a coach are no longer to be proven. Now looking to the future, the momentum will intensify. The ambition: to make Montpellier Handball the benchmark club for indoor sports in France. The new formula of the Champions League, the new hall, the 2024 Olympics, Patrice Canayer was for us, managers and shareholders the man who meets these ambitions ”

Montpellier with Canayer on the helm have won the two Champions League titles (2003 and 2018), 14 titles of champion of France, 13 cups of France and 10 League Cups.

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