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Bahrain and UAE refuse to come to Qatar 2015 – New chance for losers?

The Arabic (Ahram Sport) media bring the important story for the whole handball world. Bahrain and United Arab Emirates won’t play at World Championship 2015 in Qatar! The reason,  why two nations have decided to decline participation in the upcoming event in Doha, are political problems between the countries in Persian Gulf and Qatar. If this story becomes official in the next weeks, this means that possible substitutions also could be questionable, because countries from the Qatar’s neighborhood as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait have also political conflict with Doha. The first team which could represent Asia is Korea.

Bahrain, UAE and Iran won the second, third and fourth place at Asian Championship in Bahrain earlier this year and places at WCh 2015.

The fifth was Korea, and then, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. The ninth place won Japan. 

Rumours about European teams, now, become more real. Iceland is the first in the waiting room.



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  2. Denes az edes

    10. November 2014. at 09:29

    The two stronges teams should get chance to be in Qatar, unregarding which continent they are from. Based on the 2012 Olympic Games, Hungary and Iceland could offer the highest quality matches.

  3. Anonymous

    10. November 2014. at 09:23

    I would give chance the two strongest teams unregarding which continent they are from. Based on the 2012 Olympic Games, Hungary and Iceland deverve the positions.

  4. Anonymous

    8. November 2014. at 19:57

    If anyone is wondering, Australia will most likely not be getting their spot back because the IHF doesn’t recognize Oceania as a federation anymore. It’s a shame. Mustafa needs to step down already.

  5. Anonymous

    8. November 2014. at 04:35

    What happen in Gulf

  6. Conspiracy

    8. November 2014. at 03:57

    Its about time Mustafa stepped down. Handball is becoming a joke under his presidency and he has allowed corrupt Arab countries to negatively influence the brand of handball internationally. First was the Australia decision and now this. How quick the corruption allegations against Mustafa disappeared a few years ago and you have to wonder how much money went into his pockets under the new tv deal for handball with the arab television network. Its really sad for handball that this man is in charge.

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  8. hhh

    7. November 2014. at 20:10

    Australia?? Sorry….Or maybe second team of Germany ($$$)??

  9. Morten Hust

    7. November 2014. at 15:25

    What about Australia? They had their spot taken away and given to Germany. ..

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