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Blaž Janc: I would like to stay in Celje untill the end of my career!

With 27 goals in 4 games of Gazprom SEHA league, Blaž Janc proves his extreme handball talent. With Timur Dibirov (Vardar Skopje), he’s top scorer of competition. 19 year old athlete is not thinking about his handball future and clubs which wants him in their squad. It wouldn’t bother him, if he would stay with Celje Pivovarna Laško, untill the end of his career, he said for the official club’s website.

Before the olyimpic games, you were just right wing from Celje Pivovarna Laško and one of the most talented players on earth. After Olympics you became super star. Is feeling a bit different, than it was before the moving to Rio?

„Olyimpic games? Something unforgetable. I am very proud, because of being part of our national team in Rio, with 19 years of age. But olyimpics are past, we started new season, with new goals, with new chances to improve. Motivation is not a problem, we celebrated 70 years of handball in Celje. I am very proud being part of Celje Pivovarna Laško, I will fight for every minute in our team. Till now we played three matches in SEHA league, and we can not wait to start playing Champions League again.“

Club and your family helped a lot, that you are on such a great level now. With only 19 years. It seems, that club coaches did a great job. How do you feel because of all the responsibility you have in first team?

„Club did everything perfect! Because of them, I am, where I am. If our coach Branko Tamše wouldn’t gave me an opportunity, it’ll be hard to reach that level. But on the other side, an immportant factor is the team. Without them, I couldn’t reach that level. I am proud on them.“

You are from small village called Log. Do you think, that you will be better player, if you will make your first handball steps in Celje?

„I am happy, that I have such a great family, where work counts. First thing was always school, then work at home, and third step handball. At home I realised how immportant is to work. Work hard! On the other side I have a chance to find out, how immportant timetables are. It wasn’t always easy, but it was immportant for me, to become better athlete, better person.“

How much do you owe Luka Žvižej, the captain? You are his roommate, he’s the most experienced person in the team.

„A lot. When I became the part of first team, he was always there for me. To help as adviser. He’s a special person in my careere. It’s something special, to be close to him on some handball trips, away from home. He can always help you, not just with words. He was part of Barcelona, when they reached Champions League. You know, one is theory, ther other thing is practice.“

Journalists always asks about your future. Where do you want to go? You are always anwsering with ‘5 biggest clubs’.

„It’ normal, that I won’t go everywhere. I have everything here in Celje. We have great coach, the best teammates, opportunity to play, great conditions to train. Till now we played national championship, Slovenian cup and Champions League. In this season we started to play SEHA league with 7 teams, which are part of Champions League, we can’t wait the start of this competition, than we have a final stage of national championship and cup. A lot of chances to immprove. Five clubs? I think the best right now are Kielce, Veszprem, PSG, THW Kiel and Barcelona!“

When can we expect, that you are going to move on, make a step in another country?

I would like to stay in Celje untill the end of career, if this would be possible. Otherwise, I am ready for a new challenge. In my head, everything is cool, if I’ll have to go, I’ll go. It’ a normal process of all good athletes.“

Celje is a handball city. Citizens live for handball. In good and bad, supporters called Florijani, are helping team to reach the goals. What’s the feeling to wear Celje Pivovarna Laško jersey?

»Celje Pivovarna Laško is, with all the respect to other Slovenian teams, the biggest handball team. Unfortunatly, people across the boarder knows that much better, than at home. Florijani are the best, they are our extra player. It’s hard to play and win without them. It’s a big honour to play for Celje Pivovarna Laško. It’s an opportunity, for which a lot of players dream from their first handball step on.«

You mentioned playing in SEHA league, Champions League will start soon. How would you describe SEHA, and how hard are days till begining of Champions League?

»SEHA – great championship, where we can play against seven teams, which are part of Champions League. You have to play on the highest level daily. Fight for final four will be very hard. There are also long bus trips to Prešov, Ljubuški … On the other side, Champions League is something I’ve been dreaming about, when I started to play handball. We can’t wait the match against Zagreb, it’s the game called Balkan El Clasico. Fans will again fullfil the Zlatorog hall, and we can promise, that we will leave heart on the court.«, concludes Janc, who is linked with the move to Vive Tauron Kielce according Polish media.

PHOTO: RK Celje Pivovarna Laško

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