CSM Bucharest with Isabelle Gullden: We want to play EHF CL F4 in Budapest

CSM Bucharest announced deal with the MVP from the Women’s EHF EURO 2014 – Swedish playmaker Isabelle Gullden! One of the world’s best player in 2014 signed two years contract with ambitious Romanian squad who extended contracts also with the head-coach Metter Klit, but also Isabelle’s compatriot and friend from national team – Linnea Torstensson, Brazilian girl Fernanda Da Silva and Spanish right wing Carmen Martin.

“Our goals for the next season are Romanian championship and Cup title, but also EHF CL F4 tournament. Why we shouldn’t play at the final in Budapest?”, said club’s director Constantin Căliman.

Isabelle Gullden currently playing for Danish Viborg HK. Her boyfriend, Silkeborg goalkeeper Linus Persson will join men’s CSM Bucharest.



  1. Dobrovolski

    17. March 2015. at 10:55

    The Swedish educational system is going downhill rapidly, so no economy or geography taught there school. Just Ipad, Facebook and the usage of words like ‘OMG’ and ‘serious’ Lycka till i Bukarest Isabelle!

  2. What wot

    24. February 2015. at 21:49

    Do these Swedish girls learn economy or geography in the school?
    Just can’t stop laughing here. Trying to imagine how she is going to escape after ….

  3. artem

    24. February 2015. at 12:54

    Maybe you should also announce Line Joergensen and Maria Fisker.

  4. artem

    24. February 2015. at 12:53

    Good to see a CSM Bucharest article!

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