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EHF CL: Barca win in Szeged – Vardar only on 100%

Three matches of the VELUX EHF Champions League Group B have been played on Sunday. The most interesting was in Szeged, where domestic PICK didn’t repeat success from the Round 1, when Juan Pastor guys beat Vive Tauron Kielce. This time, FC Barcelona had full concentration in the finish to win – 30:28. Lazarov, Jicha, Entrerrios and Tomas shared the weight of success with five goals each.

28 – PICK SZEGED:Sierra (Wyszomirski, m.38 a 60); Prodanovic (1), Balogh (7), Vranjes (-), Bombac (6, 3p), Ilyés (1), Kallman (7) – Mindegia (-) Ancsin (-), Blazevic (-), Curuvija (-), Garcia Robledo (1), Thiagus Petrus (3) y Zubai (2).
30 – BARCELONA:Saric (Pérez de Vargas, m.54 a 60); Víctor Tomás (5), Kopljar (1), Sorhaindo (2), Viran Morros (-), Jicha (5), Sigurdsson (3, 1p.) Raúl Entrerríos (5), Lazarov (5), Syprzak (-), Gurbindo (-), Noddesbo (2), Sarmiento (1) y Jallouz (1).

RK Vardar had routine job to beat IF Kristianstad in “Orange hall” in Sweden – 30:25. Arpad Šterbik was on his level with 18 saves preventing Swedish team from making some serious troble to Macedonians, who had Dibirov and Toskic in the best shooting mood with seven goals each.

HC Montpellier had furious finish against KIF Kolding Kobenhavn 30:25. The match was ended with 7:0 series of the French squad, who announced the departure of Michael Gigou at the end of the season.


1. HC Vardar330087:73(14)6
2. Rhein-Neckar Löwen321084:71(13)5
3. FC Barcelona Lassa320185:82(3)4
4. KS Vive Tauron Kielce311192:86(6)3
5. MOL-Pick Szeged310282:87(-5)2
5. IFK Kristianstad310290:90(0)2
5. Montpellier HB310278:85(-7)2
8. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn300369:93(-24)0



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1 Comment

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