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Germany beat Hungary with Gensheimer’s 13 goals!

Germany began campaign at IHF World Championship 2017 with a win over Hungary 27:23 (16:11). In match of two strong rivals, European champions had more players on higher level than Hungarians, starting from fantastic Uwe Gensheimer. DHB captain netted 13 goals only few days after tragic loss in his family.

Germans had 16:9, but Xavi Sabate team managed to come back in the match with 6:0 series afterwards winner question was open until the end…

Germany – Hungary 27:23 (16:11)  

Germany: Heinevetter, Wolff – Gensheimer (13/8), Häfner (7), Groetzki (4), Fäth (1), Pieczkowski (1), Kühn (1), Wiencek, Drux, Ernst, Kohlbacher, Lemke, Reichmann, Dahmke
Hungary: Fazekas, Mikler – Csaszar (3/1), Balogh (3), Juhasz (3), Bodo (3), Jamali (3), Lekai (3), Zubai (2), Harsanyi (1), Ancsin (1), Nagy (1), Ligetvari , Banhidi, Szollosi, Schuch


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