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GOAL-LINE TECHNOLOGY? Argentinian referees “lost in Metz Arena”

The Day 2 of the IHF World Champioship 2017 put lights on referees. Tunisian line-player Issam Tej said after defeat against Macedonia 30:34: “This was the worst refereeing performance in 20 years of my proffessional career. At this level, they do not deserve to whistle an international match between Tunisia and Macedonia”.

Referees pair was coming from Korea (KO-LEE). However, even more “problematic” were Argentinians GRILLO LOPEZ Julian Ismael and LENCI Sebastian, who stayed under the goal-line both in one Slovenian attack during match against Angola.

It looks that level of non-European referees is still far under TOP level necessary for such a competition as World Championship.

PHOTO: http://handnews.fr/


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