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Jensen knows who is guilty for medal failure: “Balkan”, not me!

His team didn’t score a goal for 17 minutes in the most important match of the European Championship at home, but coach Jesper Jensen has found the answer in Montenegrian referees who were on “Balkan side” in the bronze medal clash with Croatia 19:25. Believe or not, young coach has told this:

“This was funny, grotesque. They didn’t judge us anything, and the Croats practically everything. Well, this was like we played in the Balkans 20 years ago, when you knew you would be deceived even before the match started. Croatia was favored. “, shocked Jensen.

Jensen believes that Denmark did not deserve such an end to the tournament.

“I’m sick to my stomach. I have to pay tribute to the Croatians who played the game on their own terms. The referees put a lot of pressure on us a little over two decades ago. Then the referees and players ran around and talked in the Balkan language,” he added.

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  1. Zoli

    27. December 2020. at 09:22

    A dánok egyszerűen nem tudják elviselni, ha jobb náluk az ellenfél. Egyébként a mérkőzések nagy részén a játékvezetok nekik kedveznek. (Ugyanez vonatkozik a norvégokra is). A horvát lányok kitettek magukért.Jók voltak az egész EB alatt. A bronzerem hatalmas siker. FERENCVÁROS MINDÖRÖKKÉ.

  2. Alen

    22. December 2020. at 16:08

    Jensen you poor little man ! Eat shit !

  3. Peter

    21. December 2020. at 13:01

    For this grotesque behavior of Mr. Jensen, it would be civilized from the Danish handball association to issue an apology.


    21. December 2020. at 01:32

    Kroatien er ikke på Balkan, ligesom Finland ikke er i Skandinavien. Udtrykket blev lavet af den tyske geograf August Zeune i 1808 for at betegne det europæiske Tyrkiet. Ikke en kvadratmeter var under osmannisk styre på det tidspunkt. Kongeriget Kroatien havde aldrig undergivet det mægtige osmanniske imperium. Tværtimod forhindrede det den i yderligere at udvide sig til Europas kerne. Der er ikke noget balkansprog som sådan. Ingen taler skandinavisk, gør det ikke, specielt i Finland.

  5. Ati Salvaro

    21. December 2020. at 01:18

    Croatia is not in the Balkans, as well as Finland is not in Scandinavia. The term was made by German geographer August Zeune in 1808 to denote European Turkey. Not a square metre was under Ottoman rule at the time. Kingdom of Croatia had never succumbed to the mighty Ottoman Empire. On contrary it stopped it from further expanding into Europe’s core. There’s no Balkan language as such. None speaks Scandinavian, does it, specially in Finland.

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  7. Branko

    20. December 2020. at 23:47

    Mr. Jensen,
    you talk nonsense, a stupid and unreasonable statement.

    We are simply better. OK?
    Bravo for women’s Croatian handball.
    Perfect game and perfect behavior.

  8. Boris

    20. December 2020. at 23:19

    Yeah for 17 full minutes you did not manage to score goal and then refs are responsable 🙂

  9. Luka

    20. December 2020. at 20:58

    Shame on you Jensen!
    Referees were perfect. Did you expect referees to be on the host side???
    When they are fair it’s not good enough?
    You were expecting to be on the host side, of course. Not this time!
    Again, SHAME ON YOU!!

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