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Maksimov “worried” about Petkovic’s system

Former coach of the Russian national team Vladimir Maksimov criticizes the current coach Velimir Petkovic in statement for TASS before the start of the World Championship.

– All these abbreviations are external factors. The team must have the spirit and the desire to win. On the contrary, the decision to take away our anthem and the flag should become an additional incentive to be on the podium. I don’t know if the press broadcasts Petkovic’s words correctly, but they talk about speed all the time. Speed ​​during a fast transition is certainly important, but after the players have reached it, you still need to start playing handball. Therefore, in the championship, of course, you have to run, but if necessary, it is better to reach the other’s goal on foot than to lose the ball and get it into your own goal five seconds later  – said Vladimir Maksimov, writes

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