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Masters Handball World Cup 2020 in September: “Let’s celebrate the start of new handball life”

Postponed from May to September (17-20) 2020 due COVID-19 pandemic, the 4th Masters Handball World Cup is one of the event with whom the new handball season can start.

“We hope that all our participants are in good psychical condition and that situation with corona-virus will become better and better. There is still enough time to get ready for the handball experience which is always unforgettable in Omis. Let’s Masters Handball World Cup to be the new beginning and celebration of life for all of us”, wrote MHCW team in statement:

Until March 1, over 35 teams from all over Europe, but also Asia (UAE, India), South America (Brazil) and Central America (Honduras) have applied for 4th MHWC 2020. 

The fourth Masters Handball World Cup will be organized between September 17-20, 2020 in the same system – two halls and our MHWC hotel – village.

Categories are Men’s 35+, 40+ and 50+, Women’s 30+ and 40+

Keep safe, stay at home and get ready for September’s gathering in Omis!


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