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Mikkel Hansen about match against Egypt: I wouldn’t be surprised even with 5.000 fans in the Arena

One of the world’s best players, Danish superstar Mikkel Hansen was a little bit sarcastic during his statement before the 1/4 final clash with the host team at the World Championship 2021 in Egypt. It was visible that there are a number of people in the Arena during the Egyptian match with Slovenia in the battle for TOP8. However, PSG Handball star isn’t surprised. He wouldn’t be even if happen again today (match is at 17.30 hrs):

We can probably not say much positive about the spectator situation. It may surprise one, but I would go so far as to say that I may not be completely surprised. I had not hoped to see some people, but I may not be decidedly surprised that all of a sudden there are 1000 people somewhere. And I will say that I probably will not be surprised if there are suddenly 5,000 inside the hall when we meet Egypt.,I think we are all disappointed in that, but we can not do anything about it now. People have to act on that after the final round, and there must definitely be a consequence, as everyone has been promised a final round without spectators for health reasons. When that does not happen, there will usually be a fine. It’s a bit of a joke that you can get a relatively large fine for playing with the wrong tights, but shutting x number of people into a hall during a pandemic is perfectly okay – said Hansen, writes

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