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Nikolaj Jacobsen calls for “Shot-Clock” in handball

Rhein Neckar Lowen coach Nikolaj Jacobsen called for “shot-clock” in handball. His colleague from THW Kiel Alfred Gislason called “Anti-handball” “when his team stays in defense for three minutes”. Both have same opinion, time for attack must be known…

  • If handball continues to play in this way, it will become boring. A lot of attacks last between minute and a half and two minutes – said Jacobsen and gave solution:
  • We have to do it like in basketball. Attack should last 40 seconds. Maybe that could produce some funny shots, but in this way, handball will lose atractivity – said Jacobsen. 

Jacobsen, Gislason, also Gudmundsson, Cervar, Vujovic, Vranjes, Tamse, Gerona, Mikkel Hansen. Who is the next TOP coach or player to stay on the line of changes and when it will be enough for IHF bodies to put it on agenda?

Lino Cervar wants change of rules: We need shot clock in handball!

LJUBOMIR VRANJES: Shot-Clock should be given a chance

Mikkel Hansen about handball rules: I am big fan of shot-clock!

ANOTHER VOICE – Branko Tamse (RK Celje PL): I am 100% for shot-clock

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